7A04 7B04 T4/T6 Aerospace Aluminum Wire
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7A04 7B04 T4/T6 Aerospace Aluminum Wire

Chalco Aluminum supplies 7A04 7B04 T4/T6 aluminum wire according to ASTM B211/B211M-19, EN 573-3:2013. Both 7A04 and 7B04 are mainly used to manufacture power lines and cables with high strength, high corrosion resistance and high conductivity requirements.

Why choose Chalco Aluminum 7A04 7B04 T4 T6 aluminum wire?

Quality could full meet world wide aviation standard

GB/T 3191-2010

ASTM B211/B211M-19

EN 573-3:2013

Production and management comply with international aviation quality system certification


OHSAS 18001


ISO 9001




aerospace certification

Specs of 7A04 7B04 T4 T6 aluminum wire

Alloy 7A04 7B04
Temper T4, T6, O
Diameter 0.8-12MM
Standard GB/T 3191-2010, ASTM B211/B211M-19, EN 573-3:2013

Chemical composition of 7A04 and 7B04 aluminum wire

7A04 7B04
(Al) 90.6-92.7% 89.0-91.2%
(Mg) 2.2-2.8% 1.9-2.5%
(Zn) 5.1-6.1% 5.0-6.0%
(Cu) 0.1-0.4% 0.1-0.25%
(Cr) - 0.05-0.25%
(Mn) - 0.02-0.10%
(Ti) - 0.02-0.10%
Other 0.05% 0.15%

Property of 7A04 7B04 aluminum wire

Temper 7A04 7B04
T4 Tensile strength(MPa) 470-520 470-510
Yield strength(MPa) ≥290 ≥275
Elongation(%) ≥13 ≥15
Hardness(HB) 120-140 110-130
T6 Tensile strength(MPa) 520-570 510-550
Yield strength(MPa) ≥490 ≥460
Elongation(%) ≥8 ≥10
Hardness(HB) 140-160 130-150
O Tensile strength(MPa) ≤235 ≤225
Yield strength(MPa) ≤95 ≤80
Elongation(%) ≥25 ≥30
Hardness(HB) ≤60 ≤55

The use of 7A04 and 7B04 aluminum wire

7A04 and 7B04 aluminum alloy wires can also be used to manufacture high-strength mechanical components, aircraft structures, and other fields.

7A04 and 7B04 aluminum wires are mainly used in aerospace communication systems. These aluminum alloy wires have good electrical conductivity and signal transmission performance, which can ensure the efficient and stable operation of communication systems.

7A04 and 7B04 aluminum alloy wires are used for manufacturing aviation wires, cables, and other products. These aluminum alloy wires have the advantages of high strength, good electrical conductivity, and strong corrosion resistance, which can effectively improve the reliability and safety of power transmission and distribution systems.

application of 7A04 aerospace aluminum wire

Precautions in the use of 7A04 and 7B04 aluminum wire

Welding operations need to comply with relevant codes and standards to ensure the quality and reliability of welded joints.

7a04 aviation aluminum wire welding

During use, it is necessary to avoid excessive deformation and exceeding the bearing capacity of the material to prevent problems such as cracks and failure.

During storage and transportation, it is necessary to pay attention to moisture-proof, anti-corrosion and anti-vibration, so as to avoid the influence on the performance of the material.

It is necessary to pay attention to the surface treatment and protection of the material to ensure its surface finish and anti-corrosion performance.

In use, it is necessary to pay attention to the thermal expansion coefficient of the material to avoid problems such as deformation and failure caused by thermal expansion.

What problems should be paid attention to when purchasing 7A04 and 7B04 aluminum wire

Material quality: choose a regular manufacturer to ensure that the quality of the material meets the requirements of relevant standards and specifications.

Material specifications: select the appropriate material specifications according to the specific application requirements, including diameter, length, weight and strength, etc.

Material temper: select the appropriate material state according to the specific processing and use requirements, including solution treatment, aging treatment and cold working, etc.

The price of materials: choose the right price according to the market conditions and the quotation of the manufacturer. At the same time, you need to pay attention to whether the price is reasonable, so as to avoid buying low-quality or high-priced materials.

Delivery date of materials: choose the appropriate delivery date according to the specific use requirements, to avoid delays in production or project progress due to delays in delivery dates.

key points for buying 7A04 aerospace aluminum wire

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