7178 O Aircraft Aluminum Sheet
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7178 O Aircraft Aluminum Sheet

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AMS 4051 7178-0 Alclad Sheet and Plate

Production request

7178 aviation aluminum sheet is a high strength, high toughness, good corrosion resistance aviation aluminum alloy material, the production process requires a high degree of technical requirements and fine operation.

The following are some of the basic requirements for the production of 7178 aircraft aluminum sheet:

Raw material selection, precision rolling, heat treatment, surface treatment, quality control.

7178 aircraft aluminum sheet size

Thickness: 0.2-200mm

Width: 100-2800mm

Length: 2000-12000mm

People concern about 7178 aerospace aluminum sheet

When buying 7178 aviation aluminum sheet, customers usually care about the following aspects.

Material certification: 7178 aviation aluminum sheet production needs to comply with international aviation material standards, so you need to ensure that the material has passed the relevant certification when buying, such as the United States aviation material AMS standards, or other national standards certification, etc.

Supplier reputation: when choosing a supplier, you need to pay attention to its credibility and choose a reliable supplier with a good reputation to ensure that the quality and performance of the purchased 7178 aviation aluminum sheet are in line with the standard requirements.

Specification size: the specification size of 7178 aviation aluminum plate needs to be selected according to the specific use requirements. Parameters such as thickness, width and length of the plate should be determined according to the project requirements to meet the needs of specific applications.

Surface treatment: the surface treatment of 7178 aviation aluminum sheet is generally available in different options, such as anodized, coated, sandblasted, etc. The required surface treatment requirements need to be understood at the time of purchase to ensure that the final product will meet the needs.

Packaging and transportation: 7178 aviation aluminum sheet needs to be well protected during transportation to avoid damage during transit. Need to understand the supplier's packaging methods and shipping options when purchasing to ensure that the goods are adequately protected during transportation.

production requirement for 7178 aerospace aluminum plate

7178 aerospace aluminum sheet chemical composition

Element Composition %
Al Reminder
Mg 1.2%-2.0%
Mn 0.6%-1.2%
Cu 1.9%-2.6%
Ge 0.1%
Si, Fe, Cr, Zn 0.5%

7178 aerospace aluminum sheet mechanical property

Tensile strength 530-585MPa
Elongation A50 mm 410-455MPa
Shear strength 6-10%
Hardness vickers 130-150

7178 aviation aluminum sheet characteristics

7178 aviation aluminum sheet is a kind of aviation aluminum alloy material with high strength, high toughness and good corrosion resistance, which has the following characteristics.

High strength: the strength of 7178 aluminum sheet is about 20%~50% higher than general aluminum alloy, which can meet the requirements of aerospace and other fields for high strength materials.

Good toughness: the toughness of 7178 aluminum plate is better than other high-strength aluminum alloy materials, which can resist external forces such as high-speed impact, and also has good fatigue life.

Good corrosion resistance: 7178 aluminum plate has good corrosion resistance and can resist some chemical corrosion, seawater corrosion and high temperature oxidation and other environmental erosion.

Good processing performance: 7178 aluminum sheet has good malleability and processability, and can be subjected to a variety of processing processes such as drawing, deep punching, forging and milling.

Good heat treatment performance: 7178 aluminum sheet has excellent heat treatment performance, and the mechanical properties of the material can be adjusted through different heat treatment processes to improve the performance of the material.

7178 aerospace aluminum plate

7178 aerospace aluminum sheet application

7178 aviation aluminum sheet is a high-performance aviation aluminum material, with high strength, high toughness, good corrosion resistance and other characteristics, has a wide range of applications in the aviation field, mainly including the following aspects.

Aircraft structural parts: 7178 aviation aluminum sheet can be used to manufacture aircraft structural parts, such as fuselage shells, wings, skins, cockpits and other parts, which can reduce the weight of the aircraft and improve flight performance and safety.

Engine parts: 7178 aviation aluminum sheet can be used to manufacture aircraft engine parts, such as air intakes, turbines, compressor blades and other parts, with good corrosion resistance and high temperature performance, which can improve the efficiency and life of the engine.

Aircraft parts: 7178 aviation aluminum sheet can be used in the manufacture of aircraft parts, such as connectors, fasteners, brackets, pipes and other parts, which can improve the strength and corrosion resistance of parts to ensure the safety and reliability of aircraft.

Satellite parts: 7178 aviation aluminum sheet can be used to manufacture satellite parts, such as solar panels, reflectors, structural parts and other parts, with light weight, high strength, good corrosion resistance, etc., which can improve the performance and life of the satellite.

application of 7178 aerospace aluminum plate

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