2090 T83 T81 Aerospace Aluminum Sheet Plate
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2090 T83 T81 Aerospace Aluminum Sheet Plate

Why choose Chalco 2090 aluminum aviation sheet plate?

Chalco is a professional manufacturer of aviation materials with AS9100 aviation certification and strictly adheres to the following AMS aviation standards.

Quality could full meet world wide aviation standard

AMS 4251 2090-T83 Sheet

AMS 4303 2090-T81 Plate

Production and management comply with international aviation quality system certification


OHSAS 18001


ISO 45001

ISO 9001




aerospace certification

The specification of aerospace 2090 alloy sheet

Temper O, T81, T83, T3, T6, T7, T8
Thickness 0.8-200mm
Normal dimension 1250*2500mm, 1500mm*3000mm.
Standard AMS 4251 2090-T83 Sheet
AMS 4303 2090-T81 Plate

Chemical composition of 2090 aircraft aluminum sheets

Element Composition %
Si ≤0.1
Fe 0.000-0.120
Cu 2.4-3.0
Mn ≤0.05
Mg ≤0.25
Cr ≤0.05
Li 1.9-2.6
Zn ≤0.10
Ti ≤0.15
Note: EACH≤0.05; TOTAL≤0.15

Mechanical properties of 2090 T3 Aircraft aluminum plates

Temper Room temperature test result
Tension strength/MPa Yield strength/MPa Elongation/% Hardness
O 290-335 130-165 18-20 80-95
T3 490-550 380-440 8-10 140-170
T81 570-620 520-570 5-6 170-190
T83 590-640 540-590 5-6 180-200
T6 520-580 450-490 6-8 150-170
T7 490-550 430-470 8-10 140-160
T8 570-620 500-550 6-7 160-180

What are the advantages of Chalco 2090 aerospace grade aluminium sheet?

High strength and rigidity: 2090 T3 aluminum alloy plate has excellent strength and rigidity, can withstand high strength and high load applications, is one of the ideal materials for manufacturing important structural parts in the field of aerospace and national defense.

Excellent corrosion resistance: the 2090 T81 aluminum plate has excellent corrosion resistance and can be used in harsh environmental conditions, such as high temperature, high humidity, acid and alkali environment.

Good formability: 2090 aluminum alloy sheet has excellent formability and can be made into various shapes of plates, pipes and profiles to meet the requirements of different application fields.

Lightweight design: the low density of the 2090 aluminum alloy plate makes it lighter than other conventional metal materials such as steel, thus reducing the weight of the entire system, resulting in a lightweight design and improved system carrying capacity and fuel efficiency.

Easy to work and weld: the 2090 T83 aerospace sheet is easy to process and weld, and can be processed and assembled using a variety of processing and welding methods, reducing production costs and manufacturing difficulties.

To sum up, 2090 T6 aluminum alloy plate has high strength, high rigidity, excellent corrosion resistance and formability, can achieve lightweight design, easy machining and welding, suitable for structural and material applications in aerospace and other fields.

2090 aerospace aluminum plate

What are the precautions for purchasing 2090 aerospace Aluminum-Lithium sheets?

Material certification: at the time of purchase, ensure that the purchased 2090 aviation aluminum sheet complies with the relevant material certification standards, such as AMS, ASTM, etc.

Specifications and dimensions: the appropriate specifications and dimensions should be selected according to the actual needs when purchasing, in order to avoid waste and waste of processing costs.

Surface quality: when purchasing, it is necessary to check whether there is obvious damage, scratches or cracks on the surface of the aluminum plate, so as to ensure the good quality of the product surface.

Delivery time: pay attention to the manufacturer's delivery time when purchasing, so as not to delay the production schedule and cause losses.

Packaging and transportation: at the time of purchase, the manufacturer shall be required to adopt appropriate packaging and transportation methods to ensure that the products will not be damaged and corroded during transportation.

Supplier reputation: when purchasing, we should choose regular suppliers with high credibility and legal qualifications to avoid unnecessary risks and losses.

In conclusion, the purchase of 2090 aviation aluminum alloy plate requires careful understanding of the product's performance and specification requirements, and the selection of reliable suppliers to ensure that the product quality and performance meet the requirements.

key points for buying 2090 aerospace aluminum plate

What are the applications of Chalco 2090 aircraft grade aluminum sheet?

Fuselage structure: 2090 aviation aluminum plates can be used to manufacture aircraft fuselage structural parts, such as fuselage outer plate, ribs, stiffeners, etc. It has the characteristics of high strength and light quality, which can improve the fatigue life and safety performance of aircraft.

Wing surface structure: 2090 T81 aviation aluminum plate can be used to manufacture aircraft wing structural parts, such as wing plate, leading edge, trailing edge, bracket, etc. It has the characteristics of high strength and good rigidity, which can improve the flight performance and maneuvering performance of aircraft.

Engine parts: the 2090 T8 aviation aluminum plate can be used to manufacture aircraft engine components, such as intake ports, intake shells, turbine blades, etc., with high temperature performance and good corrosion resistance, it can improve the working efficiency and reliability of the engine.

Landing gear parts: the 2090 O aviation aluminum sheet can be used to manufacture the landing gear parts of aircraft, such as the main landing gear, nose landing gear, brake pads, etc. It has the characteristics of high strength and good wear resistance, which can improve the bearing capacity and safety performance of the landing gear.

In short, the AMS Standard 2090 Aluminum Alloy Sheet has a wide range of applications in aircraft to improve aircraft performance, reliability and safety.

application of 2090 aerospace aluminum plate

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