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1 4 Aluminum Plate

What is 1 4 aluminum plate?

A 1/4 aluminum plate typically refers to an aluminum plate with a thickness of 1/4 inch. It is available in various thicknesses, ranging from 0.025 inches to 0.375 inches. These plates are commonly offered in different grades, including the 1000 series, 3000 series, 5000 series, and 6000 series. Quick Quote

1 4 Aluminum plate specifications

Thickness: 1/4 inch

Length: Customize

Width: Custom

Standard: ASTM B209

Certifications: CE, ISO, SGS etc

Shipping methods: Express, sea freight, air cargo, land transportation, postal etc

Sample service: we can provide free samples.

1 4 inch aluminum plate

What are the classifications of aluminum plates based on thickness?

Sheet (Aluminum Plate): 0.15-2.0mm

Regular Plate (Aluminum Plate): 2.0-6.0mm

Medium Plate (Aluminum Plate): 6.0-25.0mm

Thick Plate (Aluminum Plate): 25-200mm

Super Thick Plate: Above 200mm

Therefore, a 1/4-inch aluminum plate falls into the category of medium-thick aluminum plate.

The millimeter equivalent of 1/4 inch is:

1 inch = 25.4 millimeters

1/4 inch = 6.35 millimeters

How to calculate the weight of a 1/4-inch aluminum plate?

Weight per unit area of aluminum plate:

Calculation formula: Aluminum plate weight = Thickness * Width * Length * Density.

Aluminum plate density: The density of pure aluminum is 2.7×10kg/m3 or 2.7g/cm3.

Example: Assuming an aluminum plate is 1000mm long, 1000mm wide, and 6.35mm thick.

Volume (V): V = 0.00635 * 1 * 1

Aluminum plate weight: V * 2.7×10kg/m3 = 17.145kg..

1 4 aluminum plate 4×8 weight calculation:

The length of the aluminum plate is known to be: 8 feet = 2440 mm

Width: 4 feet = 1220 mm

Thickness: 1 × 4 inches = 6.35 mm

Aluminum density: 2.7g/cm3

Therefore, the weight of 1/4 aluminum plate 4 × 8 is: 2440*1220*6.35*2.7g/cm3=49.3776kg

Other popular sizes of aluminum plates include:

2mm aluminum plate

3mm aluminum plate

5mm aluminum plate

6mm aluminum plate

8mm aluminum plate

10mm aluminum plate

12mm aluminum plate

4x8 aluminum plate

4x10 aluminum plate

5x10 aluminum plate

1 4 aluminum diamond plate

1 4 aluminum diamond plate 4x8

24 x 24 x 1 4 aluminum plate

1 8 aluminum diamond plate 4 x8

What is the price of 1/4 aluminum plate?

The calculation method for aluminum plate prices is actually quite simple:

Aluminum plate unit price = Aluminum ingot price + Processing fee

The processing fee varies for aluminum plates in different alloy states. Taking 1060 as an example, assuming the current unit price for 1-4mm thick 1060 aluminum plate is approximately 14 yuan/kg or 14, 000 yuan/ton, with a processing fee of 2600 yuan/ton. Therefore, the price of 1060 aluminum plate is 14, 000 yuan/ton + 2600 yuan/ton = 16, 600 yuan/ton.

To calculate the price per square meter of aluminum plate, you can multiply the weight per square meter by the unit price.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask. I hope I can assist you.Quick Quote

1/4-Inch Thick Aluminum Plate: Common Alloy Types

Alloy Selection: Aluminum sheets can be crafted from various alloys; commonly used for structural applications are 6061 and 7075 due to their favorable strength-to-weight ratios.

It's crucial to emphasize that the specifications for 1/4" aluminum sheets may differ based on the specific product and supplier. Therefore, it's advisable to verify exact specifications before making a purchase.

The particular alloy and tempering conditions of the aluminum sheet may vary based on the desired properties and intended applications. For instance, 1/4" aluminum sheets are offered in alloys like 6061, 5052, and 7075, each possessing distinct characteristics concerning strength, corrosion resistance, and machinability.

1/4 6061 Aluminum Plate

1/4 inch 6061 aluminum plates find application in industrial and architectural contexts where high strength and excellent weldability are essential. Common uses include crafting machine parts, frames, and various structures.

Aerospace industry: used for aircraft components such as wings, fuselage frames, and landing gear.

Automotive industry: for structural components such as chassis, wheels and body panels.

Marine industry: Hulls and other components requiring high strength and corrosion resistance.

1/4 5052 Aluminum Plate

Marine and automotive industries: Hulls, fuel tanks and other components requiring high corrosion resistance.

Construction industry: Construction of roof and siding, gutters and other exterior components.

Electrical industry: used in electrical enclosures, switchgear and other equipment requiring high conductivity and corrosion resistance.

1/4 inch 7075 Aluminum Plate

The aerospace industry utilizes 1/4-inch 7075 aluminum plates for wing spars, landing gear, structural components, and other aircraft parts demanding high strength and fatigue resistance.

In the defense industry, these plates are employed in military aircraft and missile components, where high strength and toughness are crucial.

Industries involved in manufacturing and sporting goods make use of these plates for applications requiring elevated strength and toughness, such as crafting bicycle frames, rock climbing equipment, and baseball bats.

Application of 1/4 inch aluminum plate

1/4-inch aluminum panels are commonly used in the construction sector as cladding on buildings, roofs, flashings, and other components.

It is also used in the transportation industry to build cars, airplanes, and other vehicles, as well as trailers and truck bodies. In the packaging industry, aluminum sheets are used to make cans, aluminum foil, and other types of packaging materials.

In addition, it is often used in signage, industrial applications, and other areas where it provides corrosion resistance, strength, and lightweight properties.

How to cut 1/4 aluminum plate?

There are many ways to cut aluminum plates, such as cutting aluminum plates with shears, cutting aluminum plates with high-speed circular saws, etc. For detailed cutting methods, please click here.

Where to buy 1/4 aluminum plate?

Chalco is a renowned and trustworthy aluminum plate manufacturer and supplier in China. As an outstanding Chinese enterprise, our products are exported to countries around the world. We have our own aluminum material warehouses locally, offering highly competitive prices. Feel free to inquire for more information.

1/4 Aluminum plate manufacturers near me

Chalco is a leader among many aluminum manufacturers and suppliers in China. We strictly control quality and are customer-centric. We hope to cooperate in depth with you and provide you with high-quality customized OEM services for aluminum products. If you would like to get the latest and best prices per kilogram (kilogram) or per ton of standard weight, please contact us.

Chalco aluminum plate standard export packaging

Aluminum plates are secured with paper clips or laminated to ensure the surface integrity and absence of scratches. They are further protected with plastic film (HDPE, PVC, PE, or PET, etc.) or wrapped in hard kraft paper to guard against moisture and rain, ensuring that the aluminum plates remain clean and free from dirt during transportation (each package contains moisture-absorbing desiccants to maintain cleanliness and prevent contamination during transit, especially in regions with high rainfall such as East and South China).

For added protection during transportation, aluminum plates are mounted on wooden supports and reinforced with steel straps to prevent collisions and ensure the geometric shape of the plates remains unchanged.

For exported products, we utilize wooden boxes and pallets with fumigation marks for packaging. We can also accommodate additional packaging requirements based on customer preferences..

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