6101 Aluminum Wire: Large-scale Supply and Multi-Spec Customization
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6101 Aluminum Wire: Large-scale Supply and Multi-Spec Customization

6101 aluminum wire is known for their good combination of strength, conductivity, and workability. One of the primary advantages of 6101 aluminum wire is its high electrical conductivity. This makes it an excellent choice for applications where efficient transmission of electrical current is crucial, such as power distribution lines, transformers, and other electrical infrastructure. Other applications include rivet, welding etc.

Why choose Chalco 6101 aluminum wire

Chalco aluminum wire is produced through continuous casting and rolling in an integrated process of raw material melting. Maximum diameter can reach φ32mm. Equipped with complete production capabilities such as stamping, deburring, beveling, welding, painting, machining, bending, forming, precision cutting, chamfering, anodizing, etc.

Chemical inspection and analysis, hardness testing, mechanical inspections such as tensile, elongation, and cross-sectional shrinkage, ultrasonic testing, pitting protection testing, penetration testing, intergranular corrosion testing, and other strict quality inspections ensure the quality and performance of each coil of aluminum wire, making your project safer and more reliable.

Quality system certifications such as ISO 9001, GJB 9001, AS9100, TS16949, and Nadcap (Non Destructive/Heat/Materials Testing) certificates.

  • Guarantee of production capacity for large-scale 6101 aluminum wire
  • Guarantee of providing multi diameter, small batch 6101 aluminum wire
  • Guarantee of supply timeliness and optimal quotation ability

Specification of Chalco 6101 aluminum tube

Alloy T4 T5 T6
Equivalent name UNS A96101, AA 6101, E-AlMgSi0.5, 91E Aluminum, DIN 3.2315
Diameter range 5.5-32mm
Typical diameter 7.5mm, 9.5mm, 12.0mm, 15.0mm, 19.0mm, 24.0mm;
Type of wire round aluminum wire, flat aluminum wire, square aluminum wire, irregular aluminum wire, thin aluminum wire, plated and unplated aluminum wire, continuous aluminum wire coil, etc.
Process cold forming, heat treatment, drawing, stress relief, welding, fixed length cutting, precision cutting, etc.
Surface treatment and deoxidation, polishing or electroplating, etc.
composite aluminum wire Aluminum wire coating products such as copper clad wire, paper clad wire, enameled wire, fiberglass wrapped wire, fiber wrapped wire, etc.
Packaging To ensure integrity, each wire rod coil must be tightly strapped with steel or polyester tape, in at least three places evenly distributed around the circumference of the coil.
Standards of Chalco 6101 aluminum wire
ASTM B211/ASME SB211 ASTM B221/ASME SB221 ASTM B565/ASME SB565 ASTM B316/ASME SB316 AMS 4102 ISO Al99.0Cu EN 62561-2 EN 573-3 GB/T 3195-202X Other standards such as ANSI JIS DIN etc.

Size reference table of Chalco 6101 aluminum wire

The following is the sizes of Chalco's best-selling 6101 aluminum wire, which is supplied in coils. Other diameters and performance can also be customized according to customer requirements.

Chalco can guarantee the fastest delivery time and the best product price, and the required dimensions can be contacted by email for consultation. We sincerely welcome your consultation and price comparison.

Common sizes of Chalco electrical aluminum wire rod
Alloy Temper Diameter/mm
1350 1370 1050A 1070A 1080A 1098 1A50 O 9.50-25.00
H12 H22
H14 H24
H16 H26
H18 1.20-6.50
O H18 0.80-20.00
6101 6201 T1 T4 9.5
8017 8030 8076 8130 8176 8177 8C05 8C12 O H19 0.20-17.00
O H14 H18 0.30-2.50
Nominal dimensions and tolerance
Nominal Diameter 9mm 9.5mm 12mm 15mm 19mm 23mm 25mm
Diameter tolerance, not more +/-0, 3 mm +/-0, 3 mm +/-0, 4 mm +/-0, 5 mm +/-0, 8 mm +/-1, 0 mm +/-1, 0 mm
Ovality, not more 0, 4 mm 0, 3 mm 0, 4 mm 0, 4 mm 0, 5 mm 0, 5 mm 0, 6 mm 0, 8 mm 0, 8 mm

Chalco 6101 aluminum wire hot selling products

6101 aluminum wire coil

6101 aluminum wire coil

Coil is the basic storage and transportation method for aluminum wire. The coil is usually tightly wound to reduce space occupation and maintain the neatness of the wire.

6101 aluminum wire bobbin

6101 aluminum wire bobbin

The 6101 wire bobbin is usually coiled around an axial object, forming a coil axis. The coil shaft plays an important role in automation equipment, especially in industrial production processes that require continuous supply of metal wires. Chalco 6101 coil shaft is widely used in fields such as automatic welding, aluminum alloy stranded wire production, and mechanical processing.

6101 aluminum wire rope

6101 aluminum wire rope

Chalco 6101 aluminum alloy wire is usually made into aluminum steel wire rope strands together with steel wire rope, which has certain strength, lightweight performance, and corrosion resistance. Usually used in lifting and equipment, transportation cableways, cable car equipment, aerospace, ocean shipping, and other fields.

6101 aluminum electroplating wire and other cladded wire

6101 aluminum electroplating wire and other cladded wire

Electroplating is the coating of a metal film on the surface of a wire to improve conductivity and corrosion resistance, reduce electrical resistivity, and achieve different functions. Chalco 6101 aluminum alloy electroplating line is typically used in electrical and electronic applications that require superior conductivity and corrosion resistance. Commonly used electroplating metal films include copper plated films, nickel plated films, tin plated films, etc. Chalco can also provide copper clad wire, paper clad wire, fiberglass clad wire, and other coated wire materials.

Electrical 6101 aluminum wire rod

Electrical 6101 aluminum wire rod

The biggest advantage of 6101 alloy is its conductivity, heat resistance, and corrosion resistance. Therefore, Chalco 6101 aluminum alloy wire is the main raw material for making wires and cables, aluminum stranded wires, and is widely used in fields such as overhead insulated cables, high-voltage transmission lines, lines, and power equipment motors. AAC, AAAC, ACSR, ACAR, ACSS/AW, AACSR, ACSR/AW, AACSR/AW ACS, GWS;LV, MV ABC Overhead Wire

6101 aluminum wire for rivet

6101 aluminum wire for rivet

Temper: T5
Specification: 3.0mm
Tolerance: -0.02mm
Weight of coil: above 50kg
Chalco 6101 aluminum alloy wire, due to its excellent mechanical processing performance, can also be used to manufacture various shapes of rivets. However, due to the fact that 6101 aluminum alloy does not have as high strength as 6060 or 7075 alloy, it is suitable for lightweight applications such as decorative rivets, signs, logos, etc.

6101 aluminum wire for welding usage

6101 aluminum wire for welding usage

6101 aluminum alloy has excellent welding performance. Chalco 6101 aluminum alloy wire can be made into aluminum alloy welding wire, suitable for applications that require high conductivity, good processing performance, and certain strength and corrosion resistance, such as electronic and electrical engineering, power transmission, industrial equipment, communication equipment, etc.

Features of Chalco 6101 aluminum wire

Chalco produces and supplies multiple specifications and diameters of 6101 cold rolled aluminum wire, 6101 industrial aluminum wire, 6101 aluminum pole for power cables, 6101 rivet aluminum wire, 6101 aluminum welding wire, and 6101 coated aluminum wire.

  • Excellent mechanical processing performance and bending performance;
  • Good corrosion resistance, welding performance, conductivity and thermal conductivity;
  • No oil stains, aluminum powder, cracks, burrs, peeling, bubbles, bumps, dents, scratches, triangular edges, metal pressing, non-metallic pressing, and surface corrosion defects on the surface;
  • Free from defects such as welding joints, grinding defects, and end damage.

Chemical composition of Chalco 6101 aluminum wire

Element Composition %
Si 0.3-0.7
Fe <0.5
Cu <0.1
Mn <0.03
Mg 0.35-0.8
Cr <0.03
Zn <0.1
V -
Ti -
B <0.06
Other each <0.03
Other total <0.1
Al rest

Mechanical and physical properties of Chalco 6101 aluminum wire

Temper Elongation Shear strength (MPa) Tensile strength ultimate (MPa) Tensile strength yield (MPa) Thermal conductivity W/m-K Electrical conductivity
T5 8% - 200 170 220 57%
T6 15% 140 220 200 220 57%

Chalco 6061 aluminum related products

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