Custom Industrial

Custom Industrial

Chalco Aluminum produces industrial profiles upon demand of the client and offers solutions in many fields such as Transport, Engineering, Automobile Industry and Electrical Applications etc.

A dedicated production unit, which is used for that purpose, guarantees high quality products:

  • Precision in size
  • High quality coatings
  • Smooth, polished and flat surfaces
  • Mechanical Processing of aluminium profiles
  • Anodization and Special Cutting
  • Special Packages
  • According to ISO Standards


Aerospace & Aircraft Hard alloy extruded shapes, hard alloy drawn seamless tube,  hard alloy cold finished rod& bar
Home furnishing Furniture, Garden furniture, Shutters , Lighting, Self Brackets, Guides of curtains
Energy Photovoltaic panels and individual constructions
Heaters, heating
Air vents for air conditioning systems
Vehicles Automotive Industry
Electrical devices Home Appliances
Brush bodies
Professional equipment Commercial refrigerators
Medical Equipment
measuring Tools
Advertising material Advertising signs
Advertising signs