Coated aluminium for Architect

Coated aluminium coil sheet for architecture
A. Coated aluminium strip for ceiling systems
Chalco Aluminum Coat supplies a broad range of coated aluminium products, specially designed to provide a long aesthetic life in a wide variety of ceiling systems. As a leading manufacturer, we produce aluminium semis in different thicknesses and lacquer coatings for all types of ceiling cladding products. We place great emphasis on the use of environmentally compatible materials and processes throughout our entire production chain. The low weight of aluminium enables the cost-efficient cladding of larger ceiling areas and avoids the need for expensive support structures. Another advantage: our wide range of colours gives greater design freedom for the fashioning of individualised solutions. All ceiling systems can thus be matched harmoniously to their surroundings.

With our latest development, alu-bend, a new generation of lacquer-coated aluminium, we are able to reduce material thickness by up to 10 per cent, with unchanged formability and rigidity guaranteed. The running-metre advantage, which results from this reduction in thickness, makes alubend the product of choice for the future.
Panel and grid ceilings
Alloy 3005; 3003; alubend Temper H48; H46
Chemical composition In accordance with DIN EN 573-3
Thickness 0.30 – 0.80 mm
Width 86 – 650 mm, also multiple cut
Inside diameter 405mm, 505mm
Outside diameter Up to 1,800 mm
Coating on front side One-coat or two-coat polyester lacquer
Coating on reverse side Protective lacquer coating
B. Painted aluminum coil sheet for roof
Chalco Aluminum Coat is designed to meet the needs of the most demanding, high-end operating conditions. It is carefully casted and rolled in our latest technology manufacturing lines following the most stringent quality criteria to meet customer’s requirements.
Chalco Aluminum Coat offers to architects, builders and designers, a lightweight, versatile, strong and aesthetically pleasing solution for
special types of building and environment
• Certified quality based on ISO 9001 and 14001
• Through exceptionally short lead times, our commitment to meeting delivery deadlines as well as our quick reactions allow us to forego large stocks.
• We possess extraordinarily flexible production capabilities and can deliver small amounts and special colours. Alongside standard colours, we also offer any colour desired.
• Higher corrosion resistance and weather ability performance of coated
Aluminium, we provide up to 20 year guarantees in the roofing field, suitable for heavy rain fall and high wind environments, suitable for areas like Super roofs, marine, airports,stadiums, Industrial & exhibition centers.
• We stand by your side through all stages of project implementation, from planning to completion.
Alloys: 3004 / 3005/5754
Temper: H46
Thickness: between 0.65 to 1.2 mm
Coatings: Polyester, ARS, PVDF,
Three Coating Options:
1. Self-clean Namo coating
With Namotechnology, our Namo PVDF coating could make it clean itself using sun and rain, maintenance and cleaning cost are reduced by at least 50%.
2. Durable coating
With our high-performance coating based on polymer resin, resistant to UV rays, moisture and abrasion. With such coating we can guarantee of up to 20 years.
3. Gloss coating
We have 3 gloss levels coating are available: High gloss, satin and matt.
C. Painted Aluminium for Capping strip
In suspended ceilings made from mineral fibre panels, capping strip enhances the decorative appearance of the ceiling support structure. This narrow, extremely thin-gauge, coated strip is used to clad the visible surfaces of the T-shaped construction rails.
By selecting aluminium as an engineering material, Chalco Aluminumficant weight saving can be achieved. Chalco Aluminum Coat has supplied high strength alloys to the construction market for years and utilises a coating system which ensures a perfect surface finish and optimum paint adhesion, even at the tight bend radii on the edges.
Alloy EN AW-5052S (AlMg3,5Mn) Temper H49
Thickness 0.18 and 0.16 mm (excluding lacquer) Tolerances +/- 0.020 mm
Width 29.0 mm, other widths on request Tolerances -0/+0.2 mm
Inside diameter 305mm, 405 mm, 505mm
Outside diameter Max. 1,800 mm
Coating on front side Single coat of polyester lacquer
Coating on reverse side Protective lacquer coating
D. Coated Aluminum Coil Sheet for Composite Panel

In this application, coated strip is glued to PE cores or corrugated and honeycomb structures.Bonding agents applied to the reverse side enhance the adhesive strength. For external faces, Chalco Aluminum Coat uses outdoor durable paint, which is highly suitable for end-use applications, such as facades and wall cladding, advertising signs and partition walls.
Alloy EN AW-3005, EN AW-5005, EN AW-5182, EN AW-5754
Temper H44, H46, H48
Thickness 0.18 – 0.8 mm
Width 1,250 – 2,080 mm
Inside diameter 300 mm, 406 mm and 500 mm
Outside diameter Max 1,700 mm
Front side Polyester or PVDF coating
Reverse side Chromated or primed
E. Coated Aluminium Strip for Roller shutters and sun-shading systems

Chalco is one of the leading manufacturers of coated aluminium strip for the roller shutters market. Many years’ experience in the production and fabrication of aluminium has helped us to become experts in strip for roller shutters. Aluminium plays an ever-increasing role in the roller shutters sector. Compared with other materials, aluminium possesses outstanding properties,
such as low weight and high rigidity. We combine these advantages with a wide range of alloys and lacquer coating systems, which are continually developed in our production processes.
Wide-ranging developments and the possibility of manufacturing our products on state-of-the-art production lines guarantee that our customers are provided with a portfolio of problem-solving solutions. New developments in the roller shutters sector, such as our alubend product range, offer excellent opportunities for cost saving. With this special alloy, material thickness can be reduced by around ten per cent without any adverse effect on rigidity.
Alloy: 5052, 3005, 3105        Temper: H19      Thickness:0.25mm
Width: 15-100mm              Diameter: 305mm
F. Painted Aluminium for rainwater gutter
The aluminium alloy and temper has been specially selected for guttering, with forming properties meeting the needs of the machines used for gutter profile and presses used for the accessories. Commonly used alloys are in the 3000-series, mainly in the 3105 and 3003 range. The coil is usually coated on both sides with the same coating system but often in different colour combinations. This allows
the customer the flexibility to select either colour for the decorative face of the installation, whilst at the same time giving added performance on the inside of the gutter.
The coating type and gauge selected is a balance between cost effectiveness and performance. The service life is dependent on many factors, including conditions of exposure, cleaning and keeping the surface free from prolonged contact with incompatible materials. Maintenance painting at the appropriate time, serves to prolong the service life of the guttering systems.
Chalco Aluminum Coat ’s unique pre-treatment is used prior to the primer and topcoat paint system. The pre-treatment is an alternating current anodizing in sulphuric acid electrolyte. The process produces a clean surface with a thin aluminium oxide film. This film is an integral part of the aluminium surface and is flexible due to its porous structure. This pre-treatment prepares the surface for excellent paint adhesion and corrosion resistance of the painted products. The pre-treatment is non-toxic and does not contain any chromium or heavy metal based chemicals and, therefore, underlines Chalco Aluminum Coat’s environmental friendly profile.
The coating type is selected from one of the following:
•Chalco Aluminum Coat 1100 PE Thickness 0.3mm—-1.0mm temper H14
•Chalco Aluminum Coat 1100 PVDF Thickness 0.3mm—-1.0mm temper H14
•Chalco Aluminum Coat 3003 PE Thickness 0.3mm—-1.0mm temper H14
•Chalco Aluminum Coat 3003 PVDF Thickness 0.3mm—-1.0mm temper H14
The coating type and gauge selected is a balance between cost effectiveness and performance. The service life is dependent on many factors, including conditions of exposure, cleaning and keeping the surface free from prolonged contact with incompatible materials. Maintenance painting at the appropriate time, serves to prolong the service life of the guttering systems.
G.Lacquer Coated Aluminium strip for raffstores and Venetian blind

When producing lacquer-coated strip for raffstores and Venetian blind, Chalco Aluminum Coat combines the right alloy with the coating system ideally suited to outdoor applications. In this way, we easily meet the exacting requirements with regard to weather ability and durability. Our coated Aluminium strip for raffstores and and Venetian blind is not only resistant to corrosion and abrasion but is also colourfast. It is an optically attractive product with a perfect surface finish.
When selecting the most suitable product, a chromatic pre-treatment with one-coat lacquering or an anodised, chrome-free pre-treatment comprising two-coat lacquering are on offer. Both sides can be coated in different colours in a single operation. It is also possible to apply a foam-like cellular coating on one side only.

The following standard specifications are for raffstroes:
Alloy EN AW-3005 (AlMn1Mg0.5) in accordance with DIN EN 573
EN AW-3105 (AlMn0,5Mg0.5) in accordance with DIN EN 573
Chemical composition In accordance DIN EN 573-3
Thickness:  0.38 – 0.45 mm  Tolerances:+/- 0.020 mm
Width:  30 – 150 mm       Tolerances: 0/+ 0.2 mm mm on widths up to 100 mm; 0/+ 0.3 mm mm on widths up to 150 mm
Inside diameter: 305/405、505 mm
Outside diameter: 1.800 mm and smaller
Temper H 48

The following standard specifications are for Venetian blind:
Alloy EN AW-5052 H19 in accordance with DIN EN 485-2
Chemical composition In accordance with DIN EN 573-3
Temper H19 (DIN EN 515)
Configuration Mill finish or chromated or degreased – re-oiled
Thickness 0.138 – 0.22 mm
Width 12.5 – 90 mm
Inside diameter 300 mm
Outside diameter 980 – 1,800 mm