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5454 tank truck aluminum plate

Tank trucks are special vehicles for the transportation of finished products. At present, the status of domestic and foreign refined oil transport vehicles varies greatly, especially in the choice of tank materials.

In the United States, more than 5,000 finished product tankers are produced each year, almost all of which use aluminum alloy materials. In Europe, more than 40,000 tankers are sold every year. Europe has very high safety requirements for dangerous goods transportation. In order to prevent overloading, the transportation efficiency is improved on the premise of ensuring security. Whether it is a tanker or a powder tanker, the tank body is made of aluminum alloy material, and even the brackets and steel rings of the air suspension are made of aluminum alloy. Reduce your own weight.

5454 tank truck aluminum plate

The aluminum plate for tanker brings great economic benefits. The aluminum alloy tanker can reduce the weight of the body. When the aluminum alloy tanker is fully loaded, it can be loaded with finished products. When it is empty, it can save fuel and reduce tire wear.

The aluminum for tank car uses 5454 alloy aluminum plate. The 5454 tank aluminum plate is one of the key products of Henan Chalco. The main alloying element is magnesium. The 5454 alloy aluminum plate is a typical anti-rust aluminum. It can adapt to harsh corrosive environment and has high strength and strength. It is about 20% higher than the 5052 aluminum plate and is widely used in tank tanks, marine facilities and other fields.

The price of 5454 aluminum plate is related to the specific specifications and status of aluminum plate and the price of aluminum ingot in the market. The price of the product varies according to the price of aluminum ingot in the market.