Fabrication Capacity

Fabrication Capacity

Chalco Aluminum manage your extruded solution from billet to final product. We offer a full service customer experience for all your extrusion needs including finishing. Our team has access to superior finishing methods, which allows our customers more time to focus on their business. Fabrication is the process of adding features to a basic object by cutting, punching, bending, drilling, stamping, welding or milling it into a product ready for assembly. Aluminum extrusions respond readily to fabrication. Chalcol aluminum and its subsidiary operate several advanced machining cells designed to produce aluminum extrusions ready for assembly. We fabricate solutions for complex demands— on time. Chalco Aluminum is a value-added solutions provider with capabilities in all aspects of fabrication. We have in-house fabrication as well as a responsive team of valued suppliers to ensure any manufacturing challenge can be met head on with the right process and in the shortest lead time.

Machine Photos




CNC machining

CNC machine

Milling Machine
Fooke Milling Machine

Laser cutting

Laser cutting1

Cut to length
Cut to length

Welding machine

welding machine1

Wire Cutting Machine
Wire Cutting Machine

Sheet Sawing Machine
Sawing machine

Sheet Bending Mahine
Sheet bending machine

Sheet Cutting Mahine
sheet cutting machine

Sheet Circle Bending Mahine
sheet circle bending machine

Automatic Aluminum Pallet Production Line

Aluminium pallet production line

Automatic aluminum pallet production line