1. Hiring Personnel from Local Communities

Chalco Aluminum, based on its hiring policy, provides the opportunity to inhabitants of the local community, to work for the company.
The percentage of the workforce that comes from the local communities is 92 % of the company's total workforce.
2. Student Work

Chalco Aluminum encourages students to do their practical training and/or summer work at its facilities. This particular policy aims to support the local community and the employees’ children, through providing a short-term work experience, creating a talent pool for future utilisation and connecting with Henan’s educational institutions.

3. Additional employee benefits include:

Private life and health insurance for all personnel.
    Childbirth benefit (concerns wage employees and office staff).
Weekly party  for all office employees.
Birthday present (gift voucher)
Share incentive scheme for the one who make outstanding contribution
    Free accommodation for the single one
4. Career & professional skills development

Career and professional skills development are basic elements of Chalco Aluminum’s Human Resources development policy. Technical training allows the continual monitoring of technological advances and promotes personnel knowledge on production issues, while training on administrative issues, develops skills in order for Chalco Aluminum to have a very important productive force: Its people.
Environmental and safety issues at work, are Management's main priorities. In 2008, the realisation of a long-term training and information program concerning safety issues continued, in order to develop the concept of safety, not only in the workplace, but also in the family and the wider social environment.
Continuous information and training are included in our personnel’s weekly Comprehensive Employment programs.

Employee training
Chalco Aluminum, implements a large number of training programs, aimed at reinforcing the skills and abilities of all the company's employees, based on the Group’s relevant policy and the training necessities, arising from the results of the Annual Performance Evaluation.
Furthermore, Chalco Aluminum sponsors long-term educational postgraduate programs for employees who want to advance and have displayed good performance results, through the relevant evaluation procedure. Normally training for office sales employee shall be taken every week.

5. Who we are looking for

If you would like to work for Chalco Aluminum, there are some criteria we would like you to meet. This to ensure that we are a good match, and make sure that you will work with people who share the same values.


Working with others in an open and inclusive way is one of our first and foremost criteria. You should welcome the diversity both in teams and management at all levels with regard to gender, experience, age, professional and cultural background.

Courage to take upon challenges and measured risks

We seek high performers, who have the courage to face challenges and take measured risks, despite uncertain outcomes. Ability to make individual decisions and step up to a challenging task are important skills.
Our employees are principally responsible for their personal and professional development, while we are committed to provide the support and systems to help you achieve your goals.


Chalco Aluminum employees are responsible for achieving agreed objectives – supporting colleagues, and contributing to reaching team goals, unit goals and company goals. We acknowledge and appreciate the strength of admitting that several perspectives are better than one, and that learning from others experiences is the key to best performance. If you are aware of your individual role as well as a part of a team – you will thrive in our environment.

Desire to learn, ambition to lead

We want people who value continues learning and who always look for ways to improve further. It is important for us that you can inspire and motivate others by giving regular and constructive feedback both on your own and the performance of others. We promote a working environment based on cooperation and respect, and encourage an atmosphere that fosters creativity and innovation. 

Relevant experience, energy and enthusiasm

We look for people who are good at listening, sharing and collaborating. Chalco Aluminum employees should share relevant knowledge and experience both within and across the established organizational structure. We seek individuals with energy and enthusiasm to define common goals and stay on the course to achieve them.

6. Recruitment process

Ready to apply for a specific position at Chalco?

Get the tips on how to apply, what to expect in the evaluation process and what to remember if you are invited to a job interview.

Search for relevant positions

On Chalco Aluminum ’s Open Positions you will find job opportunities for both students, experienced and apprentices. Jobs are listed by service-title as well as location, and you’ll find more detailed information about specific requirements in the job descriptions.

If you find an interesting open position, you are welcome to apply by sending your resume to [email protected] You will receive a confirmation mail from us regarding to your application within 48 hours.

Prepare for an interview

Learn as much as you can about Chalco Aluminum before your interview, about the company as a whole, our corporate culture, projects and strategies.
Tip: Use Who we are looking for to get an overview over Chalco’s values, preferences and expectations.
We conduct interviews with the candidates in a way that encourages honesty and openness. In addition to your educational and professional qualifications, we would like to get an impression on who you are as a person.

Evaluation process

The first part of the evaluation process is interviewing you in person or over the phone. We might ask you to participate in a second interview with focus on specific tasks, or a written assignment, depending on the position you are applying for. If you are invited to an interview, you will receive an e-mail containing the details of the further evaluation process.

Our on boarding program

At Chalco Aluminum we want to make our newcomers feel warmly welcomed and give them the best start possible. Our different departments have a range of onboarding courses, and every new employee is closely followed up. And after one month training there is a text exam, if you could pass 60 score, you could go on, otherwise have to leave unfortunately.

7. Open Positions 在这个栏目里面放我们的招聘信息,英文版的