Aluminium Circle for Cookware

Aluminium Circle for Cookware

Aluminium Circle Type Final Products Products Images
1060 O , H12

2mm -- 3mm
Fry Pans , Pizza Pans , Works

Electric Skillets
3003 O

2mm -- 4mm
Pressure Cookers
Rice Cookers
1100 O
0.7mm -- 2mm
Stock Pots IMG_258
1100 O 
3mm -- 5mm
Cookware Bottom 

Stainless Cookware

Bottom Plates
1100 3003 O
2mm -- 4mm
Coated Cookware IMG_260
Performance Advantages :
1. Chalco Aluminum 's aluminium circle is commonly used in high quality anodizing cookware like Japanese rice cookers.
We are good at providing a very consistent anodizing surface.
2. Chalco Aluminum 's speciality is in deep drawing quality . Grain size is tightly controlled to minimize the "orange peel effect " , The "orange peel effect" is a rough surface,like the surface of an orange peel, which often occurs after deep drawing. Signi tightly controls the chemistry and heat treating to maximize the elongation that allow the materials to stretch more.
3. Chalco Aluminum is a major aluminium circle producer of bottom plates , Chalco has been producing impact bonded bottom plates in high volumnes for more than 10 years.
1100 H14
0.7mm -- 2mm
Cookware Cover  IMG_261  

Performance Advantages : 

      Correct temper to make strong cover in different shape.