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LED lamps use the advantages of aluminium circle plate shell

Many LED manufacturers to accept aluminum led lamp housing to LED lamps. Aluminium circle plate easily heat, beautiful appearance, light weight, a lot of high-end electronic products are used aluminium circle plate shell. For example, Apple's Mac laptop computer "Mac Pro" high-end computer series accepts all-aluminum shell, easy laptop cooling, so that the computer does not even have the fan installed.

LED aluminum shell can increase the life of the lamp, LED lamp shell looks elegant. However, the cost of expensive aluminium circle plate shell, construction costs are high, the lamp housing needs to be processed. So, some high-quality, medium-quality LED lamps will accept aluminium circle plate shell.

Another common LED lamp housing is a plastic housing, because the cost of plastic housing is very low, some low-end LED lamps will accept the plastic housing. However, the plastic shell is not easy to heat, the plastic easily melt when heated, sublimation harmful gases. Therefore, Europe, North America, Japan do not accept plastic case. Now most of the aluminium circle plate shell, aluminum die casting cast aluminum enclosure in the quality of more protection, but also more LED lamp manufacturers the best choice.

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