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Aluminium alloy foil for Medical PTP

At present, the aluminium foil used in drug blister packaging is the sealing material sealed on the plastic hard sheet, also known as the sealing material, commonly known as PTP medicinal aluminium foil. It is based on hard industrial aluminium foil. It is non-toxic, corrosion-resistant, impermeable, hygienic, heat-resistant and moisture-proof.

Aluminium alloy foil for Medical PTP
Aluminium alloy foil for medical PTP is easy to disinfect and sterilize at high temperature, and can resist light. It can protect medicine from the damage of light. Aluminum foil cover material should print text and pattern instructions on the printing and coating machine before sealing with plastic hard sheet, and be coated with protective agent. On the other side of the aluminum foil, it should be coated with adhesive.
Henan Chalco Aluminum Fabrication Co., Ltd. produce Aluminium alloy foil for Medical PTP, usually 8011-H18, 1145-H18, thickness: 0.02mm~0.03mm, width: 300-1000mm, core: 75mm or 76mm,Aluminium alloy foil for Medical PTP performance of : Tensile strength: > 180 Mpa, elongation: > 2.5%, surface wetting tension: > 33 dyne, monthly output: 1000 tons, welcome to inquire.

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