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How to clean the Aluminium tread sheet

1, in the process of cleaning aluminium tread sheet, pay attention to from top to bottom, from outside to inside the order to clean the pattern aluminum, cleaning order must be in accordance with the provisions of the order, or may form a certain degree of damage to the aluminium tread sheet .

2, due to the chemical nature of aluminum products is not stable, so pay attention to the use of neutral detergent in the cleaning process to prevent the use of acidic or alkaline cleaning agents to avoid damage to the aluminum plate. Before cleaning the aluminium tread sheet can be used in conjunction with the aluminum cleaning products to see if it will make the aluminum chemical properties change, and then decide whether to use this cleaning agent.

3, in the process of aluminium tread sheet cleaning, pay attention to the selection of cleaning materials, can not use excessive strength tools, such as steel balls and other items. In the cleaning of the best selection of flat-type standard gondola.

4, after the aluminium tread sheet cleaning the best indoor ventilation. If the long-term aluminum products in the wet state, the appearance of aluminum may have produced an aluminum oxide film. Aluminum oxide film is a non-smooth product, resulting in the appearance of aluminum is not smooth, aluminum color does not shine, affecting the appearance of aluminum pattern.

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